A visual refresh of their iOS app.

Maven mission: Empower anyone to be an entrepreneur selling products by enabling selling on-the-go with a mobile technology platform and professionalize direct sellers.

The CEO, Amal Dar Aziz, wanted me to address three tasks: Make Maven’s style more visually engaging, consistent and generally cleaner. Maven’s main persona is a college educated woman in her mid 20’s. Also, they all feel very comfortable with their smartphones. Upon learning this, I wanted to capture the same aesthetics of a clothing application geared towards women.

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“Working with Affan was a great experience -- he was thoughtful in his designs and really captured the essence of the hip, clean and straightforward visual aesthetic I was hoping the app would embody. The first thing our users told us when we did our design relaunch was how beautiful the app looked!”

Amal Dar Aziz CEO of Maven