Hello, I’m Affan.
I’m a Product Designer living and working in S.F.

My name is Affan Khokhar. I’m a Product Designer. I’ve been a designer for three years and a Product Analyst for four.

Originally born and raised on the East Coast where I studied Math and Economics at Drew University. I worked for numerous tech-focused nonprofits as a Product Analyst for five years. After years of number crunching, the creative side of me shifted my career towards Product Design. Three years later I still feel like I’m going through my honeymoon phase where I get to, as my father says, “Make pretty boxes all day.”

User Experience

Formally trained as a UX designer, I design for users first.

Interface Design

I design compelling interfaces which tell a story for our users.

In-House Development

I've primarily worked with in-house design teams.

You can find me on Instagram, , Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you need to message me, please fill out the form below. Thanks.